Defendant Name: Enzyme Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Defendant Type: Other

Document Reference: comp21224

Document Details

Legal Case Name SEC v. K&L International Enterprises, Inc., Signature Leisure, Inc., Signature Worldwide Advisors, LLC, Stephen W. Carnes, Lawrence A. Powalisz, Enzyme Environmental Solutions, Inc. and Jared E. Hochstedler
Document Name Complaint
Document Date 24-Sep-2009
Document Format Civil Proceeding
Case Number 09-cv-01638
Federal District Court Florida, Middle District of Florida
Allegation Type Securities Offering
Document Summary According to the SEC: "Defendants Stephen Carnes and Lawrence Powalisz, in collaboration with the other defendants, are selling billions of shares of stock in "microcap" companies to the investing public without adhering to the registration requirements of Section 5 of the Securities Act of 1933 ("Securities Act"). "

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